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While digital printing is currently exploding in the print industry trade press and the general business press, there is another significant trend taking place – print aggregation.

Print aggregation is the exact innovation needed to fully maximize the potential for the digital printing revolution. The following excerpt from an article provides some additional insights:

“The advent of digital technology into printing resulted in the opening up of new avenues for the industry. The printing industry is very competitive with customers demanding shorter run lengths, personalization, and faster turnarounds. In order to capitalize on these demands new operational ways are needed, which would translate into innovative means to enhance productivity and return on investment.

Printing is rapidly shifting towards digitization primarily due to a multitude of advantages the technology offers. Advancements in the digital arena have further largely expanded its capabilities. Digital technology aids workflow logistics, enhances efficiency and effectively utilizes resources. Printing workflow when integrated with digital technologies significantly minimizes plate setting as well as press down time and thus cuts down set-up and batch changeover costs.”



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